sizzlepig Beta now open

Providing the power of the cloud in Dropbox folders for multiple image resizing, no more software.

sizzlepig™ is a new intuitive web browser tool that processes batched images or photos in the cloud, syncing directly with Dropbox. Made by a team of creatives and developers to eliminate the need for software and scripts. sizzlepig saves time and the integrity of the original images and photos. sizzlepig is useful for any digital image processing, including e-commerce site builds, content management systems, digital asset creation, and more. Opened Oct 27th, with visitors from 58 countries.
sizzlepig™ was made by a team of creatives and developers to solve their own challenges with image production.  Tired of scripts that blindly produced sizes, software that slowed down their computers and re-work based on poor final results or client edits, the team devised their own solution.  sizzlepig is now open for others to use as a public Beta.

sizzlepig™ is a software as a service (SaaS) tool integrating directly with Dropbox.   sizzlepig resizes large numbers of images/pictures with precision.  It eliminates defects, and creates craftsmanship quality pieces — all controlled visually, all without a file size limitation.

The simple tool has three key sections:  Blueprints, Folders and Projects.

  • Blueprints can be set-up with an unlimited number of sizes.   Images or photos can be scaled, compressed, named, sized, and cropped. 
  • Folders sync with a shared or private Dropbox account and the folder is continuosuly monitored for edits or new images, which are then pulled into the appropriate project, automatically resized, named and compressed as saved in the Blueprint.  Entire Dropbox folders can be processed.
  • Projects are created and saved, applying the Blueprint and Folder settings, and offer a unique visual feature — to see every crop, every edit, every fine-tune live and on one page prior to processing.

Processing in the cloud allows the sizzlepig tool to produce results very quickly, saving time.

Visually fine-tuning and cropping each image size in one area eliminates re-work due to error.

Monitoring new files or image edits in Dropbox and creating additional resized and edited images significantly reduces workload.

sizzlepig allows the creative team to spend more time on design and less time in production.

sizzlepig can be tried for free (creating watermarked files), in addition to pay-as-you go pricing, monthly and annual subscriptions.

""Apps likes sizzlepig exemplify the power of cloud computing, as we are now seeing apps that can do background image manipulation and automation by using purely cloud resources."", Israel Nicolas
" "Using sizzlepig is very simple..."", Martina Oliva
""LOVE the @sizzlepig service - brilliant for image processing for web projects."" 3B Digital, Jack Bremer
About sizzlepig

Grit Design, Inc. is located in Detroit, MI.  The founding Partners and team members are from the largest Global Agencies in the world, including Ogilvy, Razorfish, Wunderman, and McCann Erikson.  sizzlepig is the first SaaS product to be released from Grit, created to solve their own challenges with batch image processing.  New products, including enhancements to sizzlepig, will be rolled out in the next year.  Each Grit offering will be designed to help others in the Digital and Creative fields work smarter and with less pain while harnessing the power of cloud computing.